The Enterprise Smart Lock for your mission-critical people

The enterprise smart lock for your mission-critical


Open, monitor and manage any door. In real time, from any smartphone. All over your organization. BrightLock is so secure, simple and flexible that we promise it will streamline your business.

More than a smart lock. A flexible, powerful, critical access solution.

BrightLock delivers everything you need to share access to thousands of users. And manage and monitor thousands of doors. From your desk or on the go.

Ultra-secure by default. Because a lock has to be.

BrightLock combines LiFi technology, once the preserve of the military and governments, with high-security hardware to protect your facilities.

Business is complicated. Opening doors should be simple.

Child's play to fit, and a pleasure to use. Wiring-free, 10-minute installation saves time and money. Consumer-grade app design means happy users.

BrightLock for enterprise

Now think about your business. About the critical processes that keep it running, day in, day out. About the experts that perform those operations, and the areas they need to access. Quickly and seamlessly. That’s where you need BrightLock.

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