We've created  BrightLock to free you from everyday little frustrations and make your life easier, faster.

HAVR is developing tomorrow’s access control systems. Today, we seek to make access management easier for companies and individuals while ensuring a high level of security. Centuries ago, locks were invented to keep people out. Nowadays, locks haven’t changed but our needs have evolved. Our lives are changing, they are going faster and we are convinced that accesses cannot be limited anymore.  

We have imagined a world where keys are digital and shareable in couple of clicks, and when we come back home, after a long day at work, we find our parcel, delivered home, groceries in the fridge and a hot meal, ready to be eaten.


We expect one another to explore all possible means to accomplish a mission before declaring it impossible. Breakthroughs come from an inquisitive and stubborn mind!


HAVR empowers team members to take up positions of responsibility, and make decisions in their spheres of influence. We strongly believe in an agile and autonomous management structure.


At HAVR, we care about one another. Right from the start, we’ve always asked each team member what his or her dreams are, and how HAVR can help them fulfill them.

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