Let your organization say goodbye to keys forever

With Brightlock, anyone you authorise can unlock any door with the light from their smartphone. Share access with suppliers, partners and all employees on the go from your desktop or smartphone. Then monitor live entry logs when the BrightLock is used.

p.s. Want a fail-safe back up? BrightLock comes with keys, but you shouldn't have to use them.

Take back control of your infrastructure

Conventional locks have served us well for centuries. But keys are expensive. People lose or forget them. They're a hassle the modern organisation can't afford. BrightLock means you never need to cut another key. Ever again. It's the only smart access solution out there to combine enterprise-strength scalability for a B2B environment with a simple, intuitive, consumer-grade user experience.

Architect your perfect security and access management system

Who's coming and who's going? Monitor infrastructure status in real-time

Real time door activity

User activity journal

Battery alerts

Intrusion detection

Deploy value-added smart functionality like intrusion detection to keep the organisation running safely and smoothly 24/7.

Share, monitor and manage. At scale and with complete freedom.

Manage access for suppliers, partners and all employees intuitively in a couple of clicks. Bring in the talent you need when and where you need it - BrightLock is designed to evolve with your extended workforce.

Cut costs, not security

BrightLock installs in 5 minutes tops.
You don’t need any power source, just a screwdriver. That means you can get a whole building equipped with BrightLock in less than a day.

Mike Crowphone

Front Door

Meeting Room 102

Bike Garage

Claire McKay

Front Door


Open Space

Anna Brown

Front Door


Jake Delorme

Front Door

Open Space



Mon, Jan 6


Fri, Jan 10


"The door is on the right-hand side of the building. Please fix the electrical outage in the Lobby. Thanks!"


16B Place Jacques Tati, 60200 Compiègne

Paul Blasso

Delivery door

Cleaning room

Break room

Never buy or cut another key. Generate, distribute and manage access rights instantaneously.

Wasted time is wasted money. Every employee gets the access he needs, when he needs it. No more waiting, no more down-time. Ever again.

Built to help you run your business more smoothly. 
Remote manage your logistics and operational constraints as if you were in situ.

Flexibility and simplicity are crucial to streamlined operations. At the same time, you can never compromise on security. So we don't either.  
Brightlock uses NSA-grade encryption and patented Lifi technology to deliver the safest smart access solutions out there. 


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