Designed for
Operational excellence

The clock is running. A problem needs solving. You can solve it. Except you’re locked outside.
Keys to critical-access areas are a nightmare that haunts every organization.
They’re expensive. They're a hassle to manage. They get lost.
With BrightLock, you’d already be inside. Doing the job the organization needs you to do.


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Mobile App

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Lose the keys, streamline the organization

Let anyone unlock any door - with the light from their smartphone. Share access with suppliers, partners and employees. Monitor live entry logs whenever a BrightLock is used.And do all that on the go, from any device.


Our award winning hardware securely opens doors to mission-critical teams. 

BrightLock Manager

A comprehensive solution to manage thousands of accesses at scale with ease.

Mobile App

Open doors and share limited or unlimited accesses via sms or email to anyone. 

Architect your perfect security and access management system

Enterprise-strength functionality

Easy Visualization and Analytics

Status Maps

Battery alerts

User & BrightLock activity  journal

Usage and occupancy analytics

Scalable BrightLock Management

Create your own management system hierarchy.

Up to 1000 individual users per BrightLock

Create groups of BrightLocks and users to facilitate settings management.

Batch set up, and batch firmware updates

Engineered for Industry

If you're looking for a smart-home gimmick, look elsewhere. Sure, BrightLock is designed by innovators, but it's built (in France) by leading manufacturers for industrial use.  And it's been field-tested by some of Europe's most demanding blue-chip clients - so we can guarantee your organization uncompromising dependability.

Security ManifestoAPI & SDK

Non-negotiable security

Mission-critical means no compromise on security. So we created the most secure Critical Access Solution out there.

Market-leading security lock

NSA-grade encryption

Patented LiFi technology

Installs anywhere. Performs everywhere.

Whatever the mission-critical environment, Brightlock has you covered.

Connectivity: Offline, Sigfox or Wifi

Battery life: 3000+ openings or closings

Battery pack extension for up to 5 years autonomy

The Perfect Fit In Your Organization

Brightlock will slot right into your existing infrastructure and workflow out of the box.

Compatibility: Euro-cylinder or Anti-Panic bar format

Custom developments possible for the awkward doors

API & SDK to integrate BrightLock into your workflow

Optimized for value

BrightLock delivers everything a current-generation access control system can at a fraction of the cost. And with the easy setup and agile-organization flexibility that conventional systems could only dream of.

Cut costs, not security

Install in 5 minute tops with a screwdriver

No power source or wiring required

Equip a whole building in less than a day

No hidden costs or nasty surprises

Priced For Business

Half the cost of Access Control

With super easy installation and staff onboarding as well as low to no maintenance, BrightLock's TCO comes in at 50% lower than conventional access control systems.

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing options for optimum financing model across OpEx and CapEx budget lines.

Always up to date

Future proof investment: software and firmware will always be updated free of charge. New hardware is offered at affordable prices to safeguard your investment.

Find out more about just how cost-effectively you could get BrightLock working in your organization