Say goodbye to keys forever... unless you want to keep them

With Brightlock, unlock your door with the light from your smartphone. If you prefer an old-school solution for day-to-day use, you can still use your keys.

Security no longer needs to be a hassle

Keep your home and family safe without the headache and expense of lost keys.Breeze through your busy days in complete security..Never miss another delivery.No more waiting in all day for service providers, or queueing at the Post Office for packages.

Simple to fit.
Child's play to use.

Our Brightlock hardware is fitted in minutes - no messy set-up or complicated installation. Undo one screw, slide out your old lock cylinder,  slide Brightlock in .... and you're done! You can keep your keys as standard if you prefer an old-school solution for day-to-day use. And the app is so intuitive literally anyone can use it - from your kids to your grandmother!

Looks great.
Works even better.

High-security hardware has never looked this good. Clean, elegant design to complement any home and blend right in to your home and your lifestyle. Once fitted, you'll forget it's there!


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