Because there's no such thing as standard delivery

Make every delivery a premium delivery.
Wherever he is, and whatever he's doing, your client finds his packages upon his return home.

Become a trusted partner of every customer

There is no greater proof of trust than to be invited into someone's home.
Deliver secure, value-added services that build the client's trust.

Simplicity and
convenience sell

Create new revenue streams where you never imagined them.
BrightLock lets you offer new value-added services that were never possible until now - and that your clients will be happy to pay for.

Customer service + Customer knowledge = Customer loyalty

If the client trusts you they will share with you.

Serve the client, understand his needs, anticipate his requirements and he will choose you over your competition.

Make everyone's life easier – not just the client's.

Simplify and de-stress your staff's lives. Happier staff means your business runs better. Convenience for your client means efficiency for you. No more failed deliveries or wasted staff time.


We're already working to build tomorrow's smart-service economy today. Why not be part of it?