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FAQ - App

  • How do I create an account ?

Before setting up the Bright Lock, you will need to create your user account, using our mobile or web application. You will need to choose a username, a password and specify your email address, first name and last name. To complete the sign up, you will need to follow the email confirmation link sent to your specified email address.

  • How do I set up my Bright Lock ? 

The setup of the Bright Lock is done using our guided setup on the mobile or web application. You will need to log in into one of those applications, and choose to add a door lock. You will be asked to enter the Bright Lock serial number, located on the user manual. Then, you will need to specify the address of where you have installed the Bright Lock. To allow the Bright Lock to be online, you will need to specify the local WiFi network and its password. To secure the setup, you will need to enter the Bright Lock activation code, located on the user manual. That’s it ! The Bright Lock is setup and belongs to your account.

  • Is it necessary to be connected to the WiFi to use the application ?

The downloading of the application, the creation of new accounts, and the sharing of digital keys require an internet connection. Nevertheless, Magically though, entering and exiting your house with the flash code works independently from any web connection. Indeed, the Bright Lock works as well offline than online. Offline, you will still be able to lock/unlock from the mobile application, even if your smartphone is also offline. Of course, you won’t be able to share new accesses nor edit existing ones.

  • How can I access my Havr account?

You can access your account through your Havr application, you can also access on the online platform.


  • How do I control access and what access types can be given?

An access has a type and a time period.

Access types

  • On demand : an on demand access allows a user to ask for an access during a specific time period. This time period can be unlimited, limited and/or recurrent. Within this period of time, the user can ask for a limited normal or administrator access. Eg. “John has an on demand access to Alex Home from 1pm to 9pm. He can ask for a normal or administrator access from 2pm to 8:30pm. He cannot ask for an unlimited access, nor an end date after 9pm”.

  • Normal user : A normal user can lock and unlock the Bright Lock. He cannot share accesses to the Bright Lock

  • Administrator : An administrator has the same rights as a normal user. However, he has some additional administration rights :

    • Edit/Share accesses

    • Access the Bright Lock logs history

    • Receive the Bright Lock activity notifications

    • Access the Bright Lock additional services (analytics, alarm system, ...)

  • Owner : An owner has the same rights as an administrator. However, he has some additional advanced administration rights :

    • Edition of the Bright Lock information

    • Deletion of the Bright Lock

    • Edition of the Bright Lock security settings

Access time periods

  • Unlimited : an unlimited access period has a start date, but no end date. The user can use this access until the owner or an administrator edits or removes his access.

  • Limited : a limited access period has a start date and an end date. The user can only use his access while it is active.

  • Recurrent : a recurrent access is a limited access that is repeated over time (each day, week, month or year).


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You can find more details about the Bright Lock here. You can also email us at contact@havr.io


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