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FAQ - Product

  • What makes the Bright Lock safer ? 

The main asset of the Bright Lock is the technology it uses to be triggered : light. The flash of the smartphone will blink and transmit a unique and encrypted light signal to the Bright Lock’s light sensor. A new light code is generated each time a user uses its code. There is no way of filming and copying the light code sequence since the filmed code is no longer valid. This light sequence identifies the user and the device used. You can only use the light sequence from the outside of the door.

  • How do I install my Bright Lock ? 

Installing the Bright Lock is easy. You just have to replace your actual door lock cylinder with our product. Your door lock cylinder can slide out from your door once you have removed the only screw that holds it. Then, slide the cylinder part first into the door lock hole, and re-insert the removed screw.

  • Does Havr record and save data on me?

Havr respects the EU's Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

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