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  • What happen if I lose my phone?

The Bright Lock is a hybrid solution : it can be opened using both light and a physical key. When buying the Bright Lock, you will receive a set of keys, adapted to the new secured cylinder that is contained inside the Bright Lock. You can only use the physical key from the outside of the door. So, If you run out of battery, you can still use the physical key. If you do not have it, you can log into your personal account on friend or neighbor’s smartphone to go home. If you lose your phone or if someone steals it, you can access your personal account via a friend's phone or via your computer to revoke your phone’s access to the house. Furthermore, Havr believes that our competitor’s hand’s-free feature is a significant security issue in this case. Hence why a user must touch/face-ID or enter a short pin to access there keys. 

  • In the case of owner/tenants, can the owner keep master control whilst the tenant still has administrative rights?

Yes, the owner keeps control. 

  • How do I know if thieves have tried to break into my house through the front door?

Via monitoring functionalities you can know directly if someone tried to enforce your lock. The Bright Lock is equipped with an accelerometer that will be able to detect when the lock is being forced or drilled. Moreover, the accelerometer also allows the Bright Lock to know when the door is opened or closed. This is made possible by using Machine Learning : the accelerometer detects a pattern that has been learned as being associated to an intrusion.



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