Quality Engineering Internship

March 10, 2020


Period :

Internship for 6 months

Who we are as a company:

Havr is a French tech company that is domestic leader in the fast-growing sector of smart access.

Key- or card-based access management systems are a major headache to manage on a human, technical and financial level. Which explains why the smart access marketplace is set to grow to beyond $50b by 2025.

Havr's flagship Brightlock product is a flexible, secure and powerful solution for smart access applications in a B2B environment. It's the only smartlock out there to combine enterprise-strength scalability with a simple, intuitive, consumer-grade user experience. Our competitors range from flexible but vulnerable technologies like Bluetooth to highly secure but restrictive and expensive biometric systems. Brightlock sidesteps this trade-off with its own unique, proprietary Li-Fi technology. With Li-Fi, Brightlock generates and shares in real time unique light signals that any user's smartphone flash can use to unlock doors quickly, easily and in complete security.

Created in 2017, Havr now has 20+ team members in offices in Paris and Compiègne (northern France). Brightlock is already in use or being evaluated by more than 20 blue-chip organisations and to date we have sold more than 4 000 units.

Looking further ahead, Havr has a vision of its smart access solutions as the cornerstone of a new era of frictionless living. We dream of a tomorrow where access to shared spaces and facilities, movement of goods and the new smart service economy will all be more flexible, more connected and more secure thanks to the technology, partnerships and new business models we are working to build today.

Find out more at www.havr.io

Your missions

Guarantee the functionality and performance of the product in its system environment

  • Define the test plan system (E2E) based on product and customer's specifications, standards, unit tests of system components.
  • Review, understand and comment on existing test plans of the different components of the system.
  • Define and update the validation schedule based on the availability of system components as well as the estimated time of the validation activity;
  • Ensure that the schedule is kept, inform the product manager as as soon as possible in a case of any risk of deviation.
  • Execute the E2E plan test and postpone the KPIs.
  • Ensure the sorting (dispatch to bug tracking R & D tools) of the system issues, ensure the follow-up of the issues related to the various R & D until the validation of the fixed in the system environment.
  • Write product risk analyzes (FMEA)

Validation of HW & SW product versions

  • Define and execute the E2E validation plan associated with each application.
  • Ensure that the E2E validation environment for each application is available (devices, access validation platform).

Provide activity reports

  • Tactically develop tools to streamline work procedures within the team.
  • Establish a list of KPIs to ensure a measured monitoring of production, developments, tests.

Participate in continuous improvement projects

  • Create test automation processes
  • Exchange regularly with the SAV to analyze recurring disputes
  • Develop a document base within the quality department to capitalize and standardize documents

Technical skills

  • Software proficiency: office automation, Gitlab, Office suite
  • Knowledge of test automation (SOAP, RESTfull, Syslink, Java ...)
  • Agile Development process
  • Proficient in English.
  • Ability to adapt to the constraints and the production system of the company.
  • Ability to work on system integration projects.
  • Very good communication skills
  • Ability to work in an emergency while keeping a good management of priorities
  • Sense of organization.
  • Team spirit.
  • Have the concern for quality and detail.
  • Autonomy.
  • Proactivity.
  • Reactivity / flexibility to track rapid changes of priority and urgent requests for support.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time(multi-task).

Your profile

Our key words are drive, exploration and autonomy. If you like challenges, if you are curious by nature, and if you are a good listener and reactive, you are the person we are looking for.

Want to know what working at Havr is like?

We love exploration, whatever that means for you. And food.

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