Why should you buy a smart lock ?

Connected house, 10 reasons why to buy a smart lock.

Smart homes. All the rage at the moment. You wake up and the coffee is made for you. The lights turn off after you. Wonderful, you might say. But what do you get first? Well the first contact with your house is your door lock. So let’s talk about smart locks. 

10 reasons a smart lock is worth getting:

1. History

The oldest locks, discovered in Nineveh (modern day Iraq), are dated to the 4th millenium BC. The technology has changed little since. You still can’t share access without having a key cut, or dropping a key off. It’s the 21st century, time to move on. 

2. Digital

All in one. No need to carry your wallet, phone and you keys. You can enjoy your run without worrying about the keys under the flower pot or their weight in your pocket.  

3. Share

You’re out of town. Your teenage daughter calls you saying she has forgotten her keys. She is waiting outside on a busy street late at night. What do you do? With your new smart lock you control access to your house: whoever, whenever, for however long. So much easier. 

4. Simplicity

« Like all magnificent things, it's very simple. » (N. Babbitt). Installation is simple.  Only  one screw to unscrew. Sharing is simple. Only one tap of your phone is needed. Security is simple. Phone stolen? Log onto your account, remove the digital keys from your phone,  and you’re done. 

5. Security

Whilst many smart locks are dual system, leaving a key hole that could potentially be picked, they do have their security advantages. You don’t have to share physical keys that can then be copied or stolen. Your digital keys, you have full control over. You can remove them from anyone at any time.

6. Management

Ever wondered who had the third key to your house? Was it the neighbors or your best friend? Or, maybe you are like me, some keys on my bunch, I cannot for the life of me remember what lock they match up to. They seem to have magically appeared. The App for your smart lock will let you know which keys you have, and who also has them. Some apps even integrate google maps: receive your Airbnb key, and the address at the same time!

7. Auto-locking

How many times have you left your house, then walked back 5min later to check if you had locked the door? I have many times, that’s for sure. Smart locks will tell you straight away if your door is locked. Some will even let you lock it remotely.

8. Tracking

Now what if told you that, if the function is enabled, you can be notified as soon as your child enters or leaves the house. You will know if he stayed in bed and skipped school. Tracking will log exactly the times and people that enter in and out of your house

9. Life span

When was the last time you changed your lock? You haven’t? 10 years ago? It is likely that your lock is wearing out. This leaves it vulnerable. Locks should be changed on average every 8 to 10 years. Smart locks count the number of usage cycles, and offer you estimates as to the wear and tear of your lock.

10. Freedom

To sum all the above up. Why clutter your life with keys? Why have to rely on dropping keys of or having to be in for the delivery man when you could free your mind from all such worries? Finally, with most smart locks being dual system, you can still keep keys too. So in light of the extra advantages of smart locks, why not?


Simple, Bright.

Simon LAURENT and John MEARS