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   The Bright Lock

Ever thought that the flashlight on your phone could be turned into an encrypted key? Well, it can. Open your app, shine the flash and enter. 



The Bright Lock is the first light-enabled smart lock.

A patented and safe solution that functions without a bridge or Bluetooth, but works with a code encrypted into the flash of your smartphone!

Our hybrid (physical & digital keys) electronic door lock, coupled with our application and online dashboard gives you the ultimate combination of flexibility and security.

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Fast and easy

Saving you time is our priority.

Due to the Bright Lock’s incorporation of a Euro-cylinder, the installation of the hardware is extremely simple.  Only one screw needs to be removed from the side of the door. The user’s current cylinder is removed, the Bright Lock is slid into place before the screw is placed anew in its fitting. The app is simple and intuitive, making the use of the Bright lock easy for people of all ages and technological expertises.



 We seek to offer you an avant-garde user experience.

The Bright Lock is the only smart lock to work with light. Furthermore, unlike other smart locks, it does not need a bridge. A new and innovative combination of  wireless communications transmits data and manages energy levels. Furthermore, a clutch system is integrated to allow for the opening of reinforced locking systems. Additionally, Havr has developed an open API to allow clients to share in these innovations. 



We are committed to ensure that your possessions remain safe.

The Bright Lock is the first smart lock operated by light. A safe solution against hacking. Lifi has many practical advantages. It is confined: the signal can only be read when in the line of sight. The Bright Lock’s code changes every time. Even if the flash could be recreated, it would not work. The Bright Lock also possesses an alarm system. An accelerometer, through machine learning, can detect intrusion attempts and set off the house’s alarm system. Finally, the Bright Lock comes with a high quality and secure cylinder.



Who are you?


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You can find more details about the Bright Lock here. You can also email us at contact@havr.io


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