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Interoperability rules these days. That's why BrightLock is built for integration. Our API, SDK and team of engineers are on hand to integrate BrightLock's critical access functionality into your workflow - simply and easily.

You need an access solution that provides the highest levels of reliability, security, and flexibility. BrightLock does all that, and helps streamline your clients' operations.

Find out how our critical access solution can make your and their lives easier.

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James Davidson

Access to Power Station 023


Mon, Jan 6


Fri, Jan 10


"The door is on the right-hand side of the building. Please fix the electrical outage in the Lobby. Thanks!"


Electrical Power Station n.3, Zone 4, Paris


Share accesses

Grant someone access by email or text message, for a limited or unlimited period

Access lock details

Battery level, access management and entry logs, users, and more


Monitor analytics on the use of locks, check which locks are unlocked at any time, retrieve alerts from locks


Manage buildings, BrightLocks and user groups


Access management

Generate and control the flash code that lets a user unlock a BrightLock

Get access records

Retrieve details about access type and duration


Manage users' accesses to each BrightLock - add, delete and modify in real time

And more...

Any other feature currently in the BrightLock app

Global demand for smart locks (in number of units)


Want to help us take BrightLock to the world?

You're a systems integrator or a reseller of electronic, security or IoT solutions.

Chances are your business clients know about smart locks, but they say they just don't cut it for them.

That's where Havr's enterprise-grade smart lock comes in.

Flexible access sharing

Enterprise-grade dependability and security

Easy installation: no drilling, no wires

Partner with us to help your clients streamline their operations
by ditching the hassle of keys.

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Did you know we have a network of partner businesses that you can buy a BrightLock solution from? If you're interested in BrightLock for your organization, you can buy from a reseller near you.

Our partners can also provide installation services and help you integrate BrightLock with other systems.

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