This year has been transformative for us at Havr. Not just for the obvious reasons. At the start of 2020 we went fully remote as a company, shortly before that became the default anyway, and not long afterwards we pivoted to new markets. Yet despite all the changes, our primary goal remains the same: constantly improving our product and delighting our users.

So, along with a whole lot of planned developments for 2021, we're continuing to update BrightLock to changes in the real world and to the needs of our users. As we reach the end of 2020, here are some of the major updates we're bringing you, from more support in the installation process to new connectivity modes and ways to share access.

Install anywhere and everywhere with offline mode

A product designed for missions-critical areas should be able to perform everywhere, pushing normal limitations. Of course, with a smart solution, one of those limitations is internet connectivity. Not so with BrightLock - any more. Sometimes BrightLock devices need to be installed in remote areas with poor network coverage, or places with limited network security. But when they do, users still need to be able to share and modify access in real time. So now BrightLock's access management system will work even if the lock doesn't have an internet connection.

How does it work?

Even if the lock isn't connected to the internet, as long as your phone has a data connection, it can still fetch a new access and access the lock.

Support for installation, wherever you are

With lockdowns, social distancing, and travel restrictions, in-person support has been in short supply this year. Fortunately, one of BrightLock's benefits is its ease of installation - but we know users still sometimes need help when installing our smart locks. When that happens, sometimes it takes a member of the Havr support team to troubleshoot. So with remote everything becoming more and more the norm, we've put in place a new support system to put you in direct contact with our team if you need support when installing a BrightLock smart lock, direct from the app without having to look anywhere else. After all, you should be able to install our locks anywhere, any time.

How does it work?

If you're you're installing a lock and need help, your first port of call is the app's FAQ page. If you can't find a solution to your problem there, just hit the Chat option at the bottom of the screen below the FAQs. You can get a response even if you don't have an internet connection.

Never too bright

By now you probably know how important to us it is that our product works in all conditions - even the most extreme ones. That's why we've been working on some extra features to help locks perform even better outdoors.

If you install a lock in an especially well-lit place - say, somewhere in direct sunlight - sometimes that bright light can make it difficult to see exactly where your phone is flashing. So we've made some tweaks to improve the lock's ability to detect a flash - wherever it's installed, you can be sure that locking and unlocking stays simple and straightforward.

In a rush? Sharing one-off accesses just got easier

One of our key principles is offering a product that's super flexible; that can work its way around any limitations put in front of it and its users - whether it's network, location, or even how often a door is used.

BrightLock lets you share different kinds of access, including time-limited accesses. These are great for one-off visits from people who you know won't be coming again - say, a technician who needs access for a single callout. Before, when you used these, that visitor would have to create their own account. We realized that asking them to do this could sometimes be inefficient.

So to keep things as simple as possible, now you can send anyone an access via email that stays valid for eight hours without the user having to create an account. It's perfect for last-minute visits like emergency callouts or deliveries. Of course, we've always got security in mind - so if you invite the same user again, they'll need to create an account.

Season's greetings from Havr!

So there you go. Plenty of changes for the end of this year - but we've got even more on the way in 2021. Keep checking back on the blog, on notifications in-app, and you can always see the latest news by hitting Product updates from the site's main menu.

If you're not already using BrightLock and you'd like to find out about how to buy, just hit the Chat with us button

From all the team at Havr, have a very merry Christmas - here's to 2021!