Access goes mobile

The BrightLock app lets anyone unlock a door using their phone. An intuitive, consumer-grade mobile experience with features for administrators and users alike. Who said enterprise tech can't be a pleasure to use?

Two phones showing screens of the BrightLock mobile app
Much more than a key

The BrightLock app turns your phone into more than a key. Its main function is locking and unlocking doors. But it lets you do much more.

Share, edit and remove access

Personalize access: one-off, recurrent or time-limited.

View lock details and live status

Get information on lock use and user activity

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Collaboration made easy

The BrightLock mobile app is publicly available on both iOS and Android - anyone can download it for free.

That's one way it's so powerful - you can give access to anyone, whether they're a coworker or a collaborator from outside your organization.

Depending on your permission level, you can also use the app to share and edit accesses, view their details and status, and retrieve information on lock use and user activity.

Security in every detail

You can have access to as many locks as you need - they're all stored in your user account. And if you lose your phone, you or an admin can de-register it using another device.

So even if someone manages to use your phone, they won't be able to log into BrightLock and use your access. It's just one more security measure you can't get with keys or physical tokens.

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  • Strong passwords are required for all user accounts

  • Users’ devices are registered to their account; if the device is lost or stolen, they can easily log into a web portal to de-register the device and shut down any active sessions

  • Codes are one-time use; a new light sequence is generated after each use from more than 2^70 possibilities (over one sextillion)

  • Global encryption with 256 bits AES-GCM key

  • Double level of encryption on sensitive attributes using PBKDF2, 10K iterations, SHA512 hashing

  • Protection against SQL injections, XSS attacks, password brute force

  • All communications between app and server are via HTTPS

  • RSA encryption

  • Application use is protected using the OS’s built-in systems

  • Application is available on iPhones running iOS 11 or more recent, and Android devices running Android 4.4 KitKat or more recent

  • Available in French and English