Goodbye keys, hello productivity

BrightLock Manager is a web-based application that lets you manage thousands of accesses with ease

Control your infrastructure wherever you are.

With the cloud, you can manage everything remotely, wherever you are, from modifying access to monitoring lock status, along with analytics and visualizations.

This part of the BrightLock system is available to administrators and gives you everything you need to put full control of your access at your fingertips. Literally.

BrightLock Manager dashboard open on a PC screen

Making access management easy

Enterprise software with consumer-grade user experience. One that's as powerful as it is easy to use.

  • Visualizations in seconds

    Drag and drop your existing floor plans and pin locks on the plans to create a comprehensive visualization of your BrightLock system.

  • Ultimate traceability

    View your entire physical access system and the status of every lock in real-time, wherever you are, on any device. Access logs mean every locking and unlocking is recorded, with both time and user ID. So you can always keep track of who's been and gone.

BrightLock Manager keychain in Map view on a PC screen
BrightLock Manager web app showing Activity log on a PC screen
  • Powerful management features

    Easily manage thousands of users and locks by assigning them to groups and creating permission hierarchies. Set recurrent, one-off and time-limited credentials for full control.

  • Future-proof software

    The BrightLock manager being cloud-based means that you will receive new functionalities as soon as our team of developers release them. This way you will always have the most up-to-date and secure access system without having to do anything to get it!

That's not all. Many more great features.

Cloud-based management platform

Create and manage user groups and lock groups

Communication with the API restricted to secured protocols

Manage up to 1,000 users per BrightLock

Login process protected by strong password policy

Status maps show live status of all BrightLocks; easily import your own floor plans

Set permissions between user, administrator, manager, and owner

Report on lock use, access sharing, entry logs, and more