The enterprise-grade smart lock

Meet the enterprise-grade smart lock. BrightLock's hardware is where it all starts.

A world first in physical security

Award-winning hardware with uncompromising security. Easy to maintain, even easier to use. The hardware component of BrightLock is the world's first smart lock to use Li-Fi technology. Simply put, it uses light for data transfer.

BrightLock mounted in door
BrightLock blueprint with measurements

The smart lock built for industrial use

  • Military-grade Li-Fi technology provides secure data transfer

  • Premium IoT-specific cybersecurity measures for secure data storage

  • Anti-snap, anti-bumping and anti-picking features to protect against physical attacks

  • Industry-leading cylinder security features

  • Made in France with rigorous quality control

As easy to deploy as it is to use

Installation takes just five minutes with no drilling and no wiring. All you need is a screwdriver, a phone and a Wi-Fi connection.

There's no IT infrastructure and no add-ons. Just install and set up user accounts. That's it. Ease of deployment combined with powerful software means the whole solution is built for scalability. Deploy 10 locks or 10,000.

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Ways to operate the lock

The lock is built to combine security with ease of use. To unlock or unlock, all you have to do is open the BrightLock mobile app, hold your phone up to the lock and tap to flash.

Man using smartphone to flash the BrightLock smart lock

Each BrightLock has a QR code on the face of the cylinder above the optical fiber. Our LISA (light speed activation) technology allows easy opening; the app home screen activates your phone’s camera - point the camera at the QR code and it will detect whether you have an access for the BrightLock.

If you have an access, the app will detect this and a light sequence to unlock the BrightLock will be automatically generated, flashing and unlocking the BrightLock.

Holding a phone with BrightLock app homepage on the screen, in front of a lock, ready to flash the BrightLock smart lock

There's always a fallback: you can open a lock any time using a physical key. Every lock ships with a set of four keys.

BrightLock next to two physical keys
The technicals

Learn more about how BrightLock works
with the technical sheet

BrightLock's Datasheet