It’s time for a major upgrade of your access management system

Man using smartphone to flash the BrightLock smart lock

A world first: BrightLock uses the flash of your smartphone to lock or unlock your doors.

Don't compromise security handing out keys or fobs to everyone. Simply share secure credentials from your smartphone to theirs saving you time and money.

Cloud-based mobile access lets you manage everything remotely, on the go, and save time on operations.

Share, edit and remove access any time, wherever you are, and view user logs and lock status in real time.

BrightLock mobile app showing sharing access and access details
BrightLock cutaway showing mechanism

There's no compromise on physical or cyber security.

One-time codes, military-grade Li-Fi technology, end-to-end encryption, and award-winning hardware are just some of the features that let you combine ease and efficiency with total security.

BrightLock is made up of 4 components

Install quickly anywhere

With no wiring and no drilling needed, ease of installation and deployment is one of BrightLock's key benefits. Hardware installs in five minutes, and deployment is as simple as creating a user account.

Share access

Each lock has an owner, and can also have multiple administrators. Owners and administrators can share access to whomever via email straight from the application.

Get going

The user then downloads the BrightLock mobile app, and all they have to do is hold it in front of the lock and tap - the phone’s flash will emit a light sequence, which opens the lock.

Integrate and evolve

The software suite combines ease of use with powerful monitoring and analytics, as well as interoperability thanks to our API and SDK, allowing integration with all kinds of systems.

And because BrightLock is an IoT-connected smart solution, each lock gets regular firmware upgrades, so your product is always up to date.

Smart access that works everywhere

BrightLock can work anywhere, even if you don't have an internet connection available.

With four different connectivity modes from Wi-Fi to offline, it provides the greatest flexibility possible.

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