Use cases

How BrightLock can help large corporations spend less time managing worksites and more time running their business

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Ultimate traceability

Access logs show who has used the lock and when, giving you a full audit trail.

No cabling, no drilling

Perfect for hard-to-reach areas, BrightLock installs anywhere.


Manage up to 1000 users per lock.

Built for integration

BrightLock is compatible with other security systems, from CCTV to intruder alarms.

Where Brightlock is useful for large corporations
Document archive drawers
Machine rooms, boiler rooms, and technical facilities

Have you ever seen the bunch of keys the facility manager carries? It's big. Between lost keys and paying for locksmiths to reopen doors, it costs, for example, a Parisian train station on average 70.000€ / year.

BrightLock ensures teams are autonomous and have the correct credentials to get their jobs down straight away.

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Multi-site operations

Whether it's supermarkets, production or logistics sites, or restaurant chains, BrightLock ensures that there are no employees or hired workforce waiting for keys. Give them access securely, whilst also being able to immediately remove access when required.

Storage rooms
Storage facilities

BrightLock solves two main problems. Firstly gear going missing as between lost and cut keys (or badges) managers lose control of who has access to storage facilities. Secondly, wasted time travelling to open up warehouses or storage facilities to trusted partners dropping off gear or merchandise.

A client success story: SNCF with Gare Montparnasse

When we first met at the Sido Lyon trade show, SNCF came to our booth explaining that, like many companies that manage significant infrastructure, they struggled managing keys. This quickly leads to costs in the tens of thousands.

They wanted to keep physical locks as wiring an access control system was too complicated across their stations. That's where BrightLock caught their eye. It was simple to install and yet offered mobile opening capability. They no longer had to pay someone to open doors. Access was sent straight to employees smartphones.

Over the past couple of years, HAVR has run a number of BrightLocks deployments across key Parisian stations. We've also adapted our solution to fit onto an anti-panic bar system for technical facilities where a potential quick exit could be life-saving!