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How BrightLock can help local businesses ditch keys and streamline the organization

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Manage teams

Easily create groups of users and locks for quick access sharing. Modify and remove access on the go from your computer or phone.

Control access

Share one-off or time-limited access to service providers and keep your business secure

Built for integration

BrightLock is compatible with other security systems

Ultimate traceability

Access logs show who has used the lock and when, giving you a full audit trail.

Where Brightlock is useful for large corporations
Small businesses

From restaurants to small manufacturers, owners of small businesses often face the dilemma of whether they can trust certain employees with the keys to the business or not. As such, many decide to always be the first on site and the last to leave, whilst laudable this is not always sustainable and can cause business continuity problems.

Standard access control doesn't solve the problem as badges are routinely lost or shared between employees. BrightLock ensures that only the person you give access to has access, and that this access can be monitored and removed anytime.

Real Estate

Potential buyers need to be let into properties. Your agents need to get into different houses every day. Contractors from cleaners to plumbers need access - and someone has to be there with a key to let them in. Set up BrightLock and share access in a click to all your properties. Remove access from users when needed, and remove the BrightLock easily when the property is sold.

A client success story: Insitaction

Insitaction: 70 employees, 12 managers and one front door. With some teams dispersed and others in the office; managing everyone's access to the building quickly became difficult. Managers had keys, but with flexible working hours, often their colleagues would get to the office before them. Waiting outside wasn't much fun. Furthermore, as in most businesses, managers come and go. They would often also forget to hand back their office key. In this case, a new lock is needed and 12 new keys. This quickly became quite expensive for Insitaction.
Insitaction wanted a digital key for their teams, and for their managers. This was so that each employee could have access when and where they needed it. However, Insitaction didn't want to go through the hassle of wiring up an expensive access control solution. They wanted an easy-to-install, mobile-native system. That's why they chose BrightLock. It was significantly more cost efficient to install, and it allowed for access rights to be easily managed and shared straight from the CEO's smartphone.